Custom Powders

Plasma Processess manufactures 3D-Powders for Additive Manufacturing applications and offers custom formulation and processing as a toll service. Lot sizes from bench scale through production are available.

  • 3D Spherical and Pre-Alloyed Powders

    Plasma Processes manufactures high-performance, custom 3D-Powders specially designed for additive manufacturing applications. The spherical nature of 3D-Powders facilitate superior flow with high packing densities and are available in research, prototype and bulk quantities. Single element and alloys are available from essentially any element within the periodic table.
    tungsten powder before 500xtungsten powder after 500xmolybdenum ehenium powder beforemolybdenum rhenium powder after
  • Custom Formulation and Toll Processing

    Plasma Processes offers custom formulation and processing of customer-supplied powders achieving the desired chemical constituency, particle size and morphology. We welcome inquiries from bench scale through production.
    titanium 6al 4v alloy beforetitanium 6al-4v alloy after