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Refractory & Platinum Group Metals

Plasma Processes offers a broad range of platinum and refractory metal components and coatings with application in medical instrumentation.  Metals such as iridium and tantalum exhibit bio-compatible properties.

Refractory Metals

Molybdenum Coatings

  • Fabricated Molybdenum Products
  • Spherical and Alloyed Molybdenum Powders
  • Dispersion Strengthened Molybdenum Alloys


  • Joining Technology


  • High Performance Rhenium Combustion Chambers
  • Rhenium Crucibles and Crystal Growth Accessories
  • Emissive Rhenium Coatings
  • Fabricated Rhenium Products
  • Spherical and Alloyed Rhenium Powders


  • Tantalum Coatings
  • Fabricated Tantalum Products


  • Tungsten Coatings
  • Crucibles and Crystal Growth Accessories
  • Fabricated Tungsten Products
  • Spherical and Alloyed Tungsten Powders
  • Tactical Propulsion
  • X-ray Anodes and Targets
Refractory MetalsMolybdenum

Platinum Metals


  • Iridium Catalysts
  • High Performance Combustion Chambers
  • Iridium Crucibles and Crystal Growth Accessories
  • Iridium Ignition Electrodes
  • Iridium Sputter Targets


  • Ruthernium Ignition Electrodes
  • Ruthenium Sputter Targets
Iridium and Ruthenium


Plasma Processes refines iridium and rhenium. We will purchase metallic scrap for cash or trade-in value towards new orders. Please contact us if we can assist with your refining or recycling requirements.