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Supplier Quality Clauses

Clauses 1 through 12 apply to all orders, agreements and subcontracts where this document has been incorporated by reference. Clauses regarding certifications (7.X) and any other clauses apply as indicated on the face of the purchase order or any attachments. In the event any requirements cannot be met, notify Plasma Processes Purchasing Department immediately.
1) Sub-Contracting: Sub-Contracting of this Order other than original release to, is prohibited without prior written authorization from the Order Originator and Plasma Processes Quality Assurance Department.
2) Traceability / Record Retention: The Supplier shall retain objective evidence and all records of the quality of the item supplied (manufacturing, assembly, materials, services, inspection, test, and special process records) for a 20-year period. These records shall be sufficient to prove conformance to all applicable specifications and drawings. These records shall be made available to Plasma Processes upon request.
3) Non-Conforming Product Notification: Requirements relevant to notification to Plasma Processes of a Supplier’s nonconforming product and arrangements for approval of nonconforming product prior to shipment.
4) Notification of Product/Process Changes: Requirements for the Supplier to notify us of changes in product, process, or product/process definition and, where required, obtain our approval. This includes any facility location changes.
5) Right of Access: Right of access by our organization, our customers, and regulatory authorities to all facilities involved in the Order and to all applicable records.
6) Flow-Down Requirements: Requirements for the supplier to flow down to sub-tier suppliers, the applicable requirements in the order, including key characteristics, where required.
7) Certifications: One (1) copy of each certification document specified on the order shall accompany each shipment. Certifications shall be signed by an authorized member of the vendor’s firm. Each certification shall identify the Plasma Processes purchase order and the items covered by the certification. Materials received without certification may be rejected and returned at the vendor’s expense.
7.1) General Compliance: The vendor shall provide a Certificate of Compliance that all materials, processes, and/or finished items supplied under this order are as specified by Plasma Processes Purchase Order.
7.2) Raw Material Identification: All raw material, including plate, bar, extrusions, sheet, etc… of aluminum, steel, or other material, must be identified per the applicable specification. All raw material must also reflect Plasma Processes purchase order number. Excluding Chemical/Physical test reports.
7.3) Specific Compliance: The vendor shall certify that all parts, materials, processes, and finished items supplied under this order were inspected, tested and found to comply with the requirements of this order. Inspection and test data shall be maintained and are subject to examination by Plasma Processes. The applicable drawing and/or specification and its’ revision shall be referenced.
7.4) Material Test Reports (Actual): The vendor shall provide a chemical/physical test report under the applicable specification for the material shipped under this order with actual test results from samples for this specific material.
8) Safety Data Sheet: The vendor shall provide an SDS for material included in this order.
9) General Packaging Requirements: Package material as to protect from damage during time of transit. Damaged material will be subject to rejection by Plasma Processes Quality Assurance Department and returned at the supplier’s expense.
10) Customer Material Traceability: Seller’s packing sheets and invoices are to reflect the same Mil-Spec and seller’s part numbers that are listed on this Purchase Order.
11) Calibration Control: The vendor shall control the calibration of all measuring devices against certified standards, traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. The calibration program shall conform to specification ANSI Z540.3, “REQUIREMENTS FOR THE CALIBRATION OF MEASURING AND TEST EQUIPMENT” latest revision or equivalent.
12) Process Control: The vendor shall maintain control and approval of all manufacturing (i.e. welding, soldering, plating, painting etc.) and inspection processes used in the performance of this order. The vendor shall maintain objective evidence of process qualification in accordance with applicable specifications. The approval status shall be subject to review and disapproval by Plasma Processes.
13) Packaging Requirements (Unique): Static sensitive parts will be packed in a conductive frame or with leads inserted in conductive elastomer or foam to protect them against electrical charges. External labels shall identify the package on at least two sides as containing static sensitive devices.
14) Fracture Critical Material: Material is deemed Fracture Critical when the applicable material used is sensitive to vibrations or abrupt impact. Material should

be handled in such a way to ensure NO impact or vibrations encounter the part.
15) Flight Hardware: Material is deemed Flight Hardware when a Mill Test Report and Certificate of Compliance must accompany the material and be made readily available for traceability purposes. International Vendors can NOT be used to supply Flight Hardware material unless approved by the customer. Designated purpose for material is to be used on manned space flight items.
16) Ground Support: Material is deemed Ground Support when a Mill Test Report and Certificate of Compliance Must accompany the material for traceability purposes. International Vendors may be used to supply Ground Support material.
17) Commercial Material: Material is deemed Commercial when no certifications or Mill Test Reports are required. No traceability is required for commercial material.
18) Inspection and Test Plan: An inspection and test plan for control of articles furnished in accordance with this purchase order shall be prepared and specifically written to outline the product flow from receipt of materials through fabrication, assembly, and test operations. The plan defines the inspection points throughout the manufacturing sequence and describes what, where and when inspection will be implemented to control the product. A general description of procedures and records used will be adequate. Two (2) copies of the plan shall be forwarded to the buyer within forty-five (45) days after date of order unless otherwise specified.
19) Quality Control Plan: The vendor’s Quality Control Manual or equivalent for conformance to applicable program specifications shall be submitted to the buyer within thirty (30) days after receipt of order unless otherwise specified.
20) Source Inspection: Work under this order is subject to Plasma Processes surveillance at Seller’s location. Plasma Processes Quality Assurance representatives may elect to conduct inspection either on a surveillance basis, or 100% inspection. Seller will be notified if Plasma Processes inspection is to be conducted on specific shipments. No shipments are to be held for Plasma Processes inspection unless notification from Plasma Processes is received prior to the scheduled ship date.
21) Inspection Data: One (1) copy of the item drawing or applicable catalog page shall accompany parts for receiving identification and inspection.
22) First Article Source Inspection: The supplier shall submit a sample first article for dimensional and functional approval prior to making production item(s). The vendor shall notify Plasma Processes when the item
is ready for approval examination. Such examinations may be conducted at the vendor’s facilities or at the Plasma Processes receiving inspection area.
23) First Article Inspection: The supplier is required to inspect and record 100% of all data for the first article manufactured. The recorded inspection data shall identify each feature characteristics, the allowable tolerance limits, and the actual dimensions measured. The First Article item should be tagged or labeled, identifying it as the First Article Item. The tag should also include Plasma Processes P.O. number, Part Name, Part Number, and Serial Number (if applicable). The First Article Inspection Report should accompany the first Article Item with shipment.
24) 100 % Inspection: The supplier is required to inspect and record 100% of all data for all the items manufactured. The recorded inspection data shall identify each feature’s characteristic, the allowable tolerance limits, and the actual dimensions measured. The Inspection Report can reflect all parts in the same lot and be “blanketed” with the extreme upper and lower range of actual recorded dimensions per feature. The Inspection Report should accompany the Item(s) with shipment.
25) General Inspection: The supplier is required to create and maintain records and data of all inspections and tests performed. Records shall contain the status of articles and materials and evidence of inspections and tests performed, including dates. 100% inspection shall be performed on all critical and major characteristics. Sampling Plans for minor attributes shall conform to MIL-STD-105E, Level 2 / A.Q.L. 4.0.
26) Calibration System Approval (Other than Original Equipment Manufacturers): If vendor is not an OEM for the item being calibrated, vendor will have a documented calibration system that meets the requirements of current revisions of ISO 17025, ANSI Z540, or equivalent. Third party registration by an accredited registrar will be accepted. Vendors declaring calibration system compliance with no formal accredited registrar will be reviewed. The vendor’s system will be subject to review at all times by Plasma Processes. If Plasma Processes has accepted vendor’s third party registration and vendor changes Registrars, loses registration or is put on notice of losing its registration, contractor must notify Plasma Processes within three days of receiving such notice.