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Plasma Processes offers innovative products and services for highly demanding markets and is dedicated to providing customers with advanced materials solutions and enabling capabilities. We drive technology with engineered products and coatings for emerging technologies through the implementation of unique materials and processes.


Aerospace and Defense

Plasma Processes offers engineered materials solutions meeting demanding performance criteria, stringent quality requirements, and challenging schedules to our aerospace and defense customers.  We strive to reduce the total cost of ownership through implementation of novel materials and unique processes.


From solar energy to nuclear fusion, Plasma Processes serves a wide range of customers within the energy market. We offer innovative product solutions and technologies such as photovoltaic materials, coatings, and composite materials technology. Innovative coatings permit higher temperatures which boost efficiency.


Medical devices and biomaterials can present challenging materials issues. Plasma Processes offers functional coatings for a range of environments requiring corrosion-resistance, low leaching, high-temperatures and surface modifications to enhance biocompatibility.

Custom Powders

Plasma Processes manufactures 3-D Powders for Additive Manufacturing applications and offers custom formlation and processing as a toll service. Lot sizes from bench scale through production are available.

Refractory and Platinum Group Metals

Plasma Processes offers a broad range of platinum and refractory metal components and coatings with application in medical instrumentation. Metals such as iridium and tantalum exhibit bio-compatible properties.


Plasma Processes’ specialized, highly-engineered coatings and components are in high demand in the semiconductor industry due to the harsh environments required in crystal, semiconductor and wafer manufacturing. Harsh environments dramatically shorten the life of housing chambers and components, threatening the quality of the highly sensitive products.

Emerging Technologies

Plasma Processes participates in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program in support of advanced technologies to address gaps or foster new capabilities for the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Energy and NASA.