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Quality Commitment

Our mission is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations for quality.  We believe excellence in quality starts with a commitment to fully understand our customers’ requirements and needs.  We are currently ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100 certified.

Our quality assurance team has significant experience and consistently gets top marks on customer scorecards.  Inspection equipment is calibrated and traceable to NIST.  Give us a call or schedule a visit to learn more.

Inspection and Analysis

Plasma Processes utilizes the following equipment for the inspection and quality control of dimensional features, surface characteristics and other industry specific parameters.


Supplier Quality Clauses (click to download PDF)


  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Two optical comparators 
  • Stereomicroscopes 
  • Proof pressure and helium leak capabilities 
  • Dye penetrant inspection 
  • Emissivity measurement system (905nm in vacuum up to 1100ºC) 
  • Surface Profilometer 
  • NDE equipment, holiday detector, Vickers hardness tester


  • Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive Spectrometer 
  • Inverted light microscope with digital camera 
  • Image Analysis Work Station 
  • Metallurgical sectioning saws, mounting presses, polishers and vacuum impregnation system 
  • Microhardness measurement system